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Oare de unde sa incepem? :D Radu a fost parte din echipa noastra, am condus noptile, am filmat noptile, am parcurs sute de kilometri saptamanal, am ras, ne-am enervat si ne-am distrat de minune. Suntem mandri de omul care ai devenit, Radu! Si te felicitam din suflet ca ti-ai gasit perechea potrivita, pe Ana! Daca Radu ne-ar fi spus acum 5 ani ca se va insura in 2018 si ca va organiza o asemenea nunta am fi ras si nu l-am fi crezut dar... iata-ne pusi in fata faptului implinit, cu toate amintirile grozave din acea saptamana, cu o nunta absolut extraordinara, cu cele 4 zile de sedinte after-wedding si doua dimineti trezite la ora 5-6. Mai vrem! Dar nu cu tine ca mire, Radule :)) Voi doi sa ramaneti fericiti pana la adanci batraneti si abia asteptam sa ne revedem! :*

Now where should we start? :D Radu was part of our team, we drove hundreds of kilometers together, night and day, we shot weddings 'til the morning, we laughed, we got angry and we also had a lot of fun. We're proud of the man you have become, Radu! And we are also happy you found your perfect half, Ana! If you would have told us 5 years ago you would get married in 2018 and organize such a wedding we would have laughed but... here we are, remembering that week in june, with all the great fun we had at the wedding and the creative frenzy in the days after, shooting on four separate occasions including two 5am wake-ups. We want more! But not with you as the groom, Radu! :)) You two have a happily ever after to commit to and we can't wait to see that and you again!

Clip nunta - Ana & Radu - Filmare in Thassos, GR